How does Z5 produce singlet oxygen?


Singlet oxygen has been surmised to be produced at one of the reaction stages of metal oxidation, as the oxygen atoms in the resulting metal oxide are in the singlet state. However, this excitation of the oxygen quickly leads to the oxygen atoms disassociation and, subsequently, to the metal's oxidation. As a result, this singlet oxygen has never been isolated and identified.

In the Z5, adsorbed excited oxygen molecules readily disassociate from the metal surface due to the force exerted be the air flow. This effect is possible providing that the metal-oxygen interaction is weak enough. the metal composition of Z5 is specifically suited to this end.

The yield of the free singlet oxygen molecules is fine tuned by using different alloys of various relevant metals at different ratios to adapt Z5 to the specific use, whether its for combustion or medical use.


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